What the CEO wants you to know

The book said how to use business acumen to understand how your company really works
I suggest to  stuy chapter 3 :understanding your company`s total business
Some questions help you to know your comapany more.
1. What were your company`s sales during the last year?
2. Is the company growing?or is growth flat or declining ?is this growth picture good enough?
3. What is your company`s profit margin?is it growing ,declining , or flat?
4. How does your margin compate with your competitiors`? how does it compare with those of other industries?
5. Do you know your company`s inventory velocity? it`s asset velocity?
6. What is your company`s return on assets?
7.  Is your company`s cash generation incresaing or decreasing?why is it going one way or the other?
8.  Is your company gaining or losing against the competitor?
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