“What If"

‘what’ and ‘if’ are two words , as non-threatening as words can be.

But put them together, side by side, and they have the power to haunt you for rest of your life.

"What If?""What If?""What If?"

I don`t know how your story ended,but if what you felt then was true love,then its never too late.

If it was true then, why wouldn`t it be true now?you need only the courage to follow your heart.

I don`t know what a love like Juliet`s feels like,a love to leave loved ones for,a love to cross oceans for,

But i`d like to believe , if i even were to feel it that i`d have the courage to seize it.

If you didn`t ,I hope one day that you will. from ~ Letters to Juliet ~

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